Fire Ban in Effect

At the request of the Fire Chiefs, due to dry conditions
A FULL FIRE BAN has been implemented in The R.M. of VANSCOY.
The Ban does not allow for any open flame fires to be lit within The R.M. of Vanscoy until such time that the ban is lifted


The R.M. Office will be Allowing 1 Person into the office at a time to pay Taxes by Cash or Cheque due to the concerns over the Covid-19 Virus. Please Call 306-668-2060 upon arrival.


Latest Notices

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Concerned about crime in your area? Join the RM of Vanscoy Rural Crime Watch. It's free! Forms are available at the RM Office or at

Landfill Notice

The landfills will be closed if the temperature reaches -40 with the wind-chill. For more information look under the Administration Tab.

Auditor's Reports and Financial Statements


Council Meeting
13-May-2021 9:00am Regular Meeting

Police Commission Meeting

Registered Burns Jan 20, 2015

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"The R.M. of Vanscoy is a wonderful place to call home, with a mix of acreages and agricultural land."

Did You Know . . .

  • Before 1935 the R.M. was known as the Rural Municipality of Loganton. 
  • The municipality contains the communities of Vanscoy, Delisle, Asquith, Pike Lake Provincial Park, as well as four hamlets:  Dunfermline, Grandora, Pippin and one situated in SE 6-34-6 W3.
  • Agrium, an international potash mine calls the R.M. of Vanscoy home.
  • Our population is 2714.
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