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Rural Municipality of Vanscoy



Municipalities are required to prepare and adopt a budget on an annual basis. Developing a budget is beneficial because a budget:

  • Identifies priorities as determined by Council;


  • Is a tool to communicate those priorities to the public; and


  • Assists with determining whether existing financial resources are sufficient to meet municipal spending needs.

The pie chart shows what each fund has been allocated for operation and capital planning.

Environmental Health Services – include any expenses allocated to the transfer station, weed and pest control and cemetery maintenance.

Planning & Development Services – include expenses allocated to administering the Zoning Bylaw.

Recreation & Culture- include expenses allocated to library requisition.

General Government – include expenses allocated to administration (office related expenses) and council.

Protective Services – include expenses allocated to Police & Fire.

Transportation Services – include expenses allocated to the operation of equipment and maintenance of all the roads in the RM, culverts, road construction, wages, gravel, etc.


For the detailed 2023 Budget please click here.

How is the Budget Allocated (3).jpeg
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