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Rural Municipality of Vanscoy

Assessment & Taxation

Important Information

Assessment Notices are sent annually to those property owners whose properties have changed in value or ownership.

The Assessment Notice is NOT a tax notice and does not equal property tax.

Understanding Your Assessment Notice:











Property assessment appeals may be initiated by any person with an interest in, or that is affected by, the assessed value or classification of any property. 

You can appeal if you believe there has been an error involving property valuation, property classification, and exemption, the contents of the assessment roll or the assessment notice; however there is no provision to appeal property taxes. 

A notice of appeal form is included with the assessment notice or is available at the municipal office. 

You can read the Assessment Appeal Guide for Citizen’s to learn more about the appeal process.

For further information regarding assessment visit the SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency) website  On the website on-line searches can be conducted for any property assessment in municipalities where assessment services are provided by SAMA.

The Assessment Process and its Relation to Taxes

SAMA will first determine an assessed value for properties. After that, a provincial government tax policy is applied. The policy multiplies a percentage formula against the assessed value, producing what is called the taxable value.

Provincial Property Classes and Percentages of Value

Provincial Property Classes
Percentages of Value
(E) Elevators
(S) Seasonal Residential
(R) Residential
(RW) Railway Right of Way
(C) Other Commercial & Residential
(M) Multi-Residential
(N) Non-Arable
(A) Agriculture

Municipal Mill Rate 2023

The RM of Vanscoy Council has established the mill rate at 4.5.

Mill Rate Factor Bylaw No. 2021-12

The following mill rate factors shall be applied to the uniform mill rate levied against all taxable property for municipal purposes:

c) Commercial & Industrial
b) Residential
a) Agricultural

2023 Education Property Tax Mill Rates

The education property tax mill rates to be levied with respect to every school division and property class for the 2023 taxation year are as follows:

  • Agriculture 1.42 mills

  • Residential 4.54 mills

  • Commercial/Industrial 6.86 mills

  • Resource (oil and gas, mines and pipelines) 9.88 mills

View Education Property Tax Mill Rates information

Calculating your estimated Municipal & Education Property Tax

To assist with estimating your property tax levy we have illustrated examples for the different property tax classes.
The Final; Taxable Value required for calculation is shown on the assessment notice for land and improvements by class.
The effective mill rate required for calculation the municipal levy and school levy are shown below.


Tax Exemption

Do you own or lease land in an adjoining municipality? (RM of Corman Park, RM of Dundurn, RM of Montrose, RM of Harris, RM of Perdue, RM of Eagle Creek)

If so, you are eligible to receive a municipal tax exemption on your permanent residential dwelling as per section 293 of The Municipalities Act.

You must fill out the prescribed form, Land Owned or Under Lease Agreement in Adjoining Municipalities. The form must be completed with the other RM Administrator’s Authorization Signature.  You must return the form to the RM of Vanscoy’s office on or before January 31st ANNUALLY to be eligible for the exemption.

This form can be picked up at the RM office or call us and we will email you the form.

Please call the RM office for more information at 306-668-2060.

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