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Short-Term Rentals Now Permitted in the RM of Vanscoy

We're excited to announce that short-term rentals are now permitted in the RM of Vanscoy!

Here's what you need to know:

What are Short-Term Rentals? Short-term rentals refer to transient lodging accommodations offered for a period of fewer than 30 days within a secondary suite or private bedroom on a property occupied by the landowner. These accommodations cater to transient guests seeking short-term stays, encompassing residences available through online platforms or other means.

Requirements for Short-Term Rentals: To ensure the smooth operation of short-term rentals, certain requirements must be met:

  • The use must be ancillary to the dwelling unit's use as a private residence.

  • The landowner must be a resident of the dwelling unit.

  • The residential or residential farm character and appearance of the property must not be altered.

  • The permitted use is valid only during the period the property is occupied by the applicant.

  • A minimum of one on-site parking spot is required per bedroom.

  • A maximum of 4 bedrooms are allowed per dwelling.

  • A maximum of 2 guests per bedroom, with a total of 8 guests per dwelling, are permitted.

  • The maximum number of guests per bedroom may be increased to 3 for children under 13.

  • Kitchen facilities in bedrooms are prohibited.

  • Permits may be revoked if conditions are no longer met, as determined by the Council.

  • Fire safety inspection by the Delisle and District Fire Department is required.

  • Submission of on-site parking and floor plans at the time of application is mandatory.

How to Apply: To operate a short-term rental, ensure compliance with the above requirements and submit the necessary information, including on-site parking and floor plans, at the time of application.

To apply, please complete the Short-Term Rental Application in the P&D Forms Section and return it to our office.

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