Frequently Requested Documents

Business Development Incentives

RM Council works with new business development projects on a case by case basis.


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Official Community Plan

On the basis of the findings set out in the Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345 Municipal Planning Program - Background Report, and of the issues and concerns highlighted in Section 7 of that report, the following planning goals, objectives and policies are proposed for the Rural Municipality of Vanscoy.

Zoning District Map

A four page map of the RM of Vanscoy No. 345

Zoning Bylaw

This is a Bylaw to control the use and development of the land in the municipality and assist in implementing the Official Community Plan.

Completing Subdivision Applications


Subdivision approval is required:

  • To obtain a new title to part of an existing parcel;
  • To move an existing property line;
  • To divide land into lots and roadways;
  • To subdivide property by removing a 'parcel tie';
  • To separate title to a "legal subdivision" (LSD);
  • To secure an interest in part of a parcel for a mortgage, sale or easement;
  • To secure an interest for a lease of part of a parcel with a term of 10 or more years.

Application to Subdivide Land (Note: this is an online form
if it doesn't open, check your download folder or use this scanned version of the form)


  1. Applications must include a copy of the title to the land being subdivided and the Basic Fees. Also include any relevant permits or approvals obtained from other agencies or a municipality.
  2. Basic Fees are $100 per proposed lot (non-refundable) plus $150 for a issuance of a Certificate of Approval. The fees are exempt from GST & PST. Make a cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance.
  3. Applicants may be asked for additional fees and information if found to be needed during the review of an application.
  4. Until the review of an application is done and a decision is issued, no binding contracts for the land should be made and no construction or site preparation work should be started.
  5. Personal information given on this form is collected pursuant to The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be shared with other agencies involved in reviewing subdivision applications. If you do not want your personal information to be shared, contact the Community Planning Branch to discuss your concerns before submitting a completed form.

Application for a Development Permit

Under the provisions of Zoning Bylaw No. 3 -2009 of the Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345 pursuant to the Planning and Development Act.

Application for a Building Permit

Ensures compliance with Building Bylaws during new construction, alterations and reconstruction.